Features of the edm Biomass Boiler

  • Make money from your heating costs – RHI emission compliant
  • Robust build and energy efficient design – lower servicing and repair costs
  • Designed to burn a wide range of fuel types with high ash and moisture contents – future fuel security
  • Models available 195kW and 495kW – outputs consistently achieved on farm
  • Our boiler is for life not just the 20 year RHI
  • Patents pending
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    Static Grate

    The static grate, with its multi-level primary combustion air to facilitate staged combustion and reduced nox, maintains a good fire bed depth for combustion stability as the incoming fuel progressively pushes burnt fuel off the first stage onto the mechanically activated burnout grate.

    Burnout Grate

    Up to 2 hours burnout time is achieved on the over 2 metre long slow moving heavy duty chain grate, resulting in the complete burn out of fuel.

    Flame Reaction Chamber

    The patent pending flame reaction chamber maximises combustion reaction times, temperatures and turbulence, whilst minimising gas born particulate temperatures and carry over to the heat exchangers.

    Triple Pass Heat Exchanger

    This is fitted with patent pending open space turbulators which achieve near complete heat transfer in the boiler, low pressure drops and require minimal maintenance.

    Twin Cyclones

    The unique twin cyclones and lambda controlled exhaust gas recirculation combined together achieve very low dust and nox emissions

    Combustion Chamber

    The combustion chamber is cast as a monolith in a high density and very durable ceramic and is insulation lined for minimum heat loss.

    Feed Auger

    Robust feed auger with burn back protection temperature sensor, burn back flap and mechanical water quench, avoiding the potential limitations of a rotary valve.

    Fine Ash Auger

    Bottom fine ash auger to clear all precipitated dust to the common ash discharge point, for ease of ash removal.

    Induced Draft Fan

    Induced draft fan with air cooled drive coupling.

    Forced Draft Fan

    Forced draft fan optimises combustion of lower grade fuels. Pressure switch protected operation.

    Flue Pipe Connection

    Standard flue pipe connection and wide choice of orientation options.

    In addition to the features shown above the edm boiler incorporates the following:

    • A uniquely designed rugged low energy feed hopper discharge mechanism.
    • A touchscreen PLC Inverter control of all motors for optimum efficiency, controllability and flexibility. Single or three phase options available.