Edm Energy Ltd was founded by three individuals with different areas of expertise. Their common goal was to find a fresh approach to overcome existing biomass boiler shortfalls.

The company is unique in that it designs, manufactures and uses the biomass boilers.

Matthias Grundmann – has over 30 years worldwide experience in designing boilers to burn many different alternative fuels. More recently, he has focused on designing waste to energy power stations. This experience forms the background from which our technology has been developed, resulting in a very robust biomass boiler featuring elements of the power station technology.

Duncan Bulmer – has worked with Matthias for over 15 years, specialising in all industrial boiler manufacturing. In addition to this, he runs an engineering and manufacturing business alongside his poultry farm.

Edward Barker – has known Duncan for many years as a fellow poultry producer. After years of research and experience in fitting biomass systems at his own poultry enterprise he became aware of shortfalls in the existing available systems. He has therefore teamed up with Duncan and Matthias and their expertise to design, build and install a robust biomass boiler ideally suited to cope with the demands placed upon it by the poultry industry.


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