Our range of burners enjoys quite a long pedigree of efficiency, reliability and innovation being born out of power station technology and with “grandparents” in Central America still on the leading edge of coffee and rice drying systems utilizing only crop residues. Recently also playing a part in the world’s first coffee produced with a carbon neutral status.

The new edm burners not only look a little different they also are.

Starting with its novel combination grate system that incorporates the advantages of a static grate, with multi level primary combustion air to facilitate staged combustion and reduced Nox  -  maintaining a good fire bed depth for combustion stability by the incoming fuel progressively pushing the burnt fuel off the first stage and then onto a mechanically activated  burn out grate, with an exceptionally long residence time for complete burn out and final cool down of the ash. Initial ignition is automatically achieved with a hot air blower and deactivated as soon as successful combustion takes place, which is recognised by the lambda and a rise in exhaust temperature.